Does your breaker panel need an upgrade?

Electricity is something most people have to use, but probably never think about. In fact, you might not even know where the breaker panel is in your home or work environment.

breaker panel electrician

An electrical circuit breaker panel is the distribution source for the electricity coming into a building. It feeds power to all the appliances including lights, computers, refrigerators, stoves, and heating and air conditioning systems. But these same panels can prove to be significant hazards if they are not properly sized.

Reasons you might need a new breaker panel 

1. Undersized breaker boxes

Undersized breaker boxes tend to appear more frequently in older buildings. Electricity needs were lower at the time these structures were built. Modern upgrades often leave the junction inadequate for the ever-increasing loads. Outages, sparks and even fires may result.

2. Oversized breakers

Oversized breakers can be equally dangerous. If a breaker is oversized, a direct short can cause it to fail, producing a great shock hazard or fire.

Call Scott Electric for your electrical wiring needs

If you have questions or concerns about the panel in your home or commercial building, call Scott Electric. Our licensed, professional electricians will make sure your electrical distribution channels are properly sized and safe. Contact us today!