What You Need to Know About Hard-wired Smoke Detectors, Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

hard-wired alarm installation by Scott Electric

Hard-wired alarms are physically attached to a home’s electrical wiring. They are also connected to each other. When an alert is activated in one area of the house, it sounds the units in other rooms as well, increasing a family’s odds of escape.

Most of these alarms can last up to ten years and there is no need for batteries because they are already connected to a power supply. However, many also have a battery backup in case your home loses power. These characteristics make them the safer choice and recommended by most electricians.

Here’s a statistic, in all fires from 2014-2018, battery operated fire alarms only worked 82% of the time. Hard-wired fire alarms worked 94% of the time. Installation should only be done by a professional electrician.

If you want to increase the safety of your home, schedule Scott Electric to have hard-wired alarms installed.

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